Pro Ambassador




Become An Ambassador Of The Code Bharat Community.

Represent The Community That Caters To More Than 500 Schools Across India.

Represent Code Bharat Community In Front Of All Are Media Interactions.

Individual Sessions For Our Social Media Platforms With A Reach Of 15 Million Plus Viewers.

Eligibility To Nominate Yourself To Be On Our Advisory Board With Reckoned Names Of The Country For Code Bharat Next Editions.

Be One Of The Panellists In Our Panel Discussions During Student Premier League.

Eligibility To Nominate 10 More Members For The Code Bharat Ambassadorship.

Get A Certificate From World Book Of Records, London For Being A World Record Holder.

Join Our Bi-Annual Closed Community Meetings Marked With The Presence Of Education Administrators, Education Start-Ups, Government Officials And Media.


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