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Why You Should Become the Part of JOURNEY

2-Page Exclusive Article

Share your Life Journey with us and get featured in Magazine “JOURNEY”

Blog on Official Website

Codebharat will publish your life story as a Blog on the official website www.codebhatat.in

Trophy and Certificate

The educator will get the trophy and certificate for being a part of JOURNEY Magazine

Social Media Announcement

Announcement of Top 100 Inspirational stories of Educators on Social Media Platforms

Newspaper Coverage

10 exclusive articles in National Newspapers with story and photographs

Ambassador of Code

Get Ambassadorship of CodeBharat and become the part of the Codebharat Community



We Understand That Educators Play An Important Role To Flourish Education And Technology. To Appreciate All The Educators, We Are Taking Initiative To Release The Magazine “JOURNEY” Which Will Be All About The Inspirational Life Journey Of Educators. This Magazine Will Feature The Journey Of The 100 Educators.

What We Do Best


Codebharat Is A Leading Community That Is Purely Dedicated To Root-Level Education. Our Aim Is To Flourish Education And Technology In India. To Achieve This Aim, We Have Organized Various World-Level Events To Reform Education Such As World’s Largest Coding Championship, Student Premier League, And World’s Largest Coding Classroom.

Become the Part of JOURNEY

What We Do Best

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Blog On Website Www.Codebharat.In

2-Page Exclusive Article In Magazine “JOURNEY”

Trophy And Certificate For Being A Part Of Top 100 Inspirational Stories Of Educators

Announcement On Social Media Platforms

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Blog On The Website Www.Codebharat.In

2-Page Exclusive Article In Magazine “JOURNEY”

Trophy, Certificate, For Being A Part Of Top 100 Inspirational Stories Of Educators

Announcement On Social Media Platforms

100 Exclusive Articles In National Newspapers With Your Story And Photographs

Our Past Event

World Largest Coding Championship

The International Championship Of Problem Solvers

World Largest Coding Classroom

We Are Creating A World Record, Where Thousands Of Students Will Be Learning And Showcasing Their Coding And Robotics Projects In Front Of The Entire Nation.

Student Premiere League

SPL 2021 Is An Initiative To Bring Together Over 10,000 Students From Across India To Participate In The Workshops Revolving Around The Interesting Subjects Of Education And Technology.


Codebharat thinks deeply about the career of kids and schools. Always they come with big events that help kids and teachers to develop the educational career. Very happy to become a part of the Codebharat Community.

I am truly grateful to be a part of the Codebharat Community. It has been a huge source of encouragement and inspiration. Through the interactive events, they create a great impact on the career of educators.

There are many different reasons why I am thankful to be part of the Codebharat community. Through this community, I connected with many educators, and it helped me create a professional learning network.

Neha Kashyap

School Director

Chitra Ghaste

School Principal

Soni Virdi

School Director

Featured In

Our Past Events


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    Codebharat Is A Leading Community That Is Purely Dedicated To Root-Level Education.